Meet Instructor Fred Rice

Fred Rice

Name:  Fred L. Rice

Title: Water Resources Superintendent, City of Edmond

What training do you teach?

I focus on wastewater training.  During 2010 and 2011 I have primarily been the instructor for the Wastewater Operator A/B sessions and have done a few distance learning classes.

Why would someone be interested in training at OETC?

The OETC strives to provide training relevant to the needs of Oklahoma water and wastewater operators. Training materials used by OETC have been developed and refined over time to ensure they are up to date with current regulations and industry trends. Handouts and other materials provided to students are designed to be easy to use and understand. Classroom instructors are professionals in water and wastewater with many years of experience in their fields and in operator training. Instructors are also licensed operators that are approved by the Department of Environmental Quality. OETC also provides a wide variety of classes and testing intended to allow operators that must travel to achieve their training needs as efficiently as possible.

What can someone expect while taking the training?

Students can expect to be provided with facilities that are clean and modern. Classroom sizes are designed to provide a good ratio of instructors to students ensuring that students can get the individual attention necessary to answer their questions and help them completely understand the information covered in class. OETC has provided training for many years and this experience enables them to assist the student in many ways with the registration for classes and the documentation of them.

What are the benefits of this training?

Successful students receive good training and the opportunity to obtain or upgrade their legally required licenses. In some cases they also receive college level credit for their work. The certificates and other documentation provided by OETC are evidence of training received. This documentation clearly indicates that the students have demonstrated their understanding of the course and lessons. Knowledge and certifications gained during training help prepare students for promotions and/or employment opportunities that otherwise might not be available.