Meet Instructor Robert Krueger

Robert Krueger

Instructor for Rose State College, Water Treatment Plant Operator & Lab Tech

What training do you teach?
I teach all level of training Water & Wastewater Operator and Lab.

Why would someone be interested in training at OETC?
OETC has a solid support group within its organization. This enables anyone taking the training here to be assured that all forms needed and paperwork necessary will be handled in the most professional way, making sure each person is verified to take the test, all college credits available being issued to each person, and all DEQ training hours being sent in to DEQ.

What can someone expect while taking the training?
Clean and completely set up classrooms, with all study material required for the class from
knowledge information, as well as math and lab skills [the students will need]. Several practice tests [are given] to assure comprehension of material.

What are the benefits of this training?
Each class has been streamlined to give as much information and training on the subject matter of each class. A format that is designed to maximize the ability to remember as much information possible, helps produce positive test results. Math taught in a step-by-step format rather than the overcomplicated algebraic method [is also a benefit] because the most important thing for all of us is not only being able to pass the test level we are training for, but to be able to use that information easily in the field.


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