Meet Instructor Larry Cook

Larry Cook, Contract  Environmental Education Trainer at OETC

Q: What training do you teach?

A: Oklahoma Department of Environmental Quality Water Operator Certification Courses Oklahoma Department of Environmental Quality Wastewater Operator Certification Courses

Q: Why would someone be interested in training at OETC?

A: OETC is a state-of-the-art facility that caters to professional adults. The OETC offers training in a multitude of different fields and professional capacities. Students who attend training at the OETC can expect a friendly, relaxed atmosphere. The courses offered are taught by local professional that actually currently work or have previously worked in the field in which they are teaching. The OETC instructors teach from personal experience and not just from a textbook. All course materials are current and updated as new information comes available.

Q: What can someone expect while taking the training?

A: Students can expect to be taught by the highest quality instructors in the area. Most of the instructors have at least 10 years of actual hands on experience in the water and wastewater fields which vastly compliments their textbook knowledge. These same instructors have the unique ability to relate the course material to their own personal experience and actually give the students a good mental picture of what they are learning.

Q: What are the benefits of this training?

A: Once the student successfully completes their training, they are qualified to sit for examination through the Oklahoma Department of Environmental Quality. Once the student passes the ODEQ examination they will be certified to work in either the water or wastewater industry. The benefits to this certification are endless.

A student will be hard pressed to find a more stable professional field than the water and wastewater industry. Here is why. Water is the one commodity that mankind cannot live without and cannot be replaced by a man-made product. Everyone needs water for hydration, irrigation, production, etc. As long as we continue to use water we’ll have to continue to clean it prior to returning it to nature. Absolutely everything that occurs in life requires the use of water in one facet or another.


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