The 1973 Union City, Oklahoma tornado, shown here, was the first tornado captured by the National Severe Storms Laboratory Doppler radar and chase personnel. The tornado here is in its early stage of formation. Photo courtesy of

Severe Weather Information

By Bill Clark

We are getting into the severe weather months. While out working at your water or wastewater treatment system be weather aware. Have a weather radio or stay tuned to your local radio station. Severe storms can pop up quick. Make sure you know where you will take cover when the tornado siren goes off. Make sure all of the operators at your system or in your community know where to go if there is a tornado warning. Make sure you have plenty of flash lights with extra batteries. Be prepared.

Severe Weather Alert Definitions

Severe Thunderstorm Watch – Conditions are prime for the development of severe thunderstorms with large hail, severe lightning and damaging winds.
Severe Thunderstorm Warning – severe thunderstorms have developed in our area and produce large hail, severe lightning and damaging winds in excess of 60 mph.

Tornado Watch – Conditions are present for the development of tornadoes.
Tornado Warning – A tornado has been seen in your city or the National Weather Service has one indicated on their radar.