Goodwill Going Green

       Oklahoma Goodwill Industries of Central Oklahoma (GICO) is “going green.”  Goodwill has been recycling and repurposing donated goods since 1936, but in 2004 Goodwill joined with Dell to create a technology recycling program called “Reconnect.”  This program takes items that are considered e-waste and takes the valuable components apart to reuse or recycle.  Proceeds are then returned to Goodwill to help put individuals to work. 

      GICO has furthered it’s commitment to “going green” and to the community by partnering with It’s My Community, a non-profit organization that supports and expands existing efforts to build a strong community.   With this partnership, there is a recycling tech training course that is available for people who want a career in the grefouren industry.   This paid  week training teaches job readiness skills and specific environmental issues that impact our planet.  GICO also offers another course in Environmental Tech Training that focuses on the importance of recycling procedures and the positive effects it can have on the environment.

      With programs like these, GICO has recycled approximately ten million pounds of donated goods last year and was decorated with the “Top Non-Profit Recycling Program” award for 2011.  You can help the environment and your local community by donating products to local Goodwill facilities. For more information, go to or for more information.


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