Seven Energy Saving Tips for Winter

     With winter fast approaching here are some things you can do to help stay warm and lower your heating costs.

  1.  Sealant goes a long way.  Look for any cracks or gaps around doors, windows and other surfaces in your home. 
  2. After making sure your home is properly sealed, consider investing in energy saving curtains.  They are now offered in a variety of colors and styles that can match any décor.  Also, they will help in the summer as well.
  3. If your windows and doors are aged and need repair contemplate replacing them.  While it can be a large expense initially, the savings over time can be huge!  Not to mention it can increase the value of your home.
  4. Have your furnace cleaned to increase efficiency and effectiveness.  Also, if you have a fireplace make sure to have it swept yearly to prevent fires.
  5. Check your attic and see how well it is insulated.  A majority of heat can be contained in your home if it is not escaping through your attic.  The savings are two-fold and will keep costs down in the summer as well.
  6. If you have a much older heating unit and cannot afford to replace it, look into purchasing infrared heaters to place around your home.  Not only are they very low cost to run, they are portable and they are safe for children and animals.
  7. When all else fails wear more layers and stock up on blankets.  Close doors and vents in unused areas in your home.  

     There are plenty of great tips you can find online at and going to local home improvement stores.  Winters are harsh and costly, but small adjustments and a little investment can go a long way.


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